Bound and gagged

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  • Datum: 09.02.2024
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Use me the way you want, I want to be your little sex toy! I squat in front of you on all fours and stretch my big, round ass towards you. You take off my thong, ball it up and stuff it into my mouth like a gag. You have already tied my hands with my white stocking. And then you start, spread my cheeks and push your big, hard cock into my small, wet pussy. You keep thrusting hard and now and then slapping my ass, pushing my face down and arching my back. Next you put me in the spooning position and I stretch my leg high in the air. This means you can take a great look between my thighs and see exactly how your penis penetrates me very deeply again and again. Before you come, change positions one last time and take me doggy style. This time filmed in POV you can see my hot butt shaking beautifully and I keep turning around to you, my panties still in my mouth as a gag. You continue to fuck me very hard for some time until you shoot your seed into my pussy. Have fun! 🙂

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