Cheers to Carnival

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  • Datum: 12.02.2024
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It’s time again! Rose Monday is here and of course we have to toast to it! And what better way to do that than with a glass of freshly tapped, warm and fragrant glass of pee? Dressed as a kitten, I first spoil your senses with a hot show off in which I demonstrate my costume with the nipple clamps and the anal plug in detail. My tender pink nipples, tightly clamped and squeezed hard together, are sure to really get you in the mood! I then squat down in the bathtub on all fours and start to pee. The champagne flows between my labia and along my vulva, spraying a little in all directions and running down between my thighs. The jet tickles me a little, which feels very good. Due to the pressure I exert, I feel the anal plug slowly pushing itself out of my asshole, which is why I push it back with a little more pressure. This immediately changes the path of my pee stream, which then continues to spray in a slightly higher arc. Have fun! 🙂

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