Was that going too far?! BOSS FUCKS INTERN EMMA!!

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  • Datum: 25.02.2024
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My boss is such a horny pig! He wanted to discuss the current appointments and then blatantly asked me about my outfit. He said it would be too sexy for the customers! He wanted to take a closer look at it 😉 Hehe, apparently it still makes him really horny that I’m running around like that! Honestly, my pussy was really wet too! Pretty quickly I had his cock in my mouth and sucked it hard. Hmm his cock in my pussy felt soooo hot OMG, he definitely hadn’t fucked in a long time! Oh yeah, no wonder he spit such a big load of sperm right on my face…. Everyone in the company must have seen my sperm face, oops. Now I’m the company’s fuck mattress everywhere, shit happens 😉 But you shouldn’t piss off the boss, right? #fucking #intern #sex

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