Toughest boss in Austria! Wurm begs for more salary! (Dialect!)

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  • Datum: 01.12.2023
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During the Christmas season, everyone suddenly becomes so demanding and suddenly wants more pay, more vacation or a bonus for doing the job properly, for which they are already being paid. Wow, as a boss, do I now have to pay bonuses if someone comes to work on time?? I can still pretend to be incompetent all day long and be available to answer stupid questions. Who thinks of me, that I’m always on time and usually the last to leave the office… Well, what are you doing for me as a person, you cowardly worm who thinks that in the quiet Christmas season I suddenly have a heart and you more Pay salary… Be happy that I don’t throw you out and you can look at me and serve your boss. Well, do you want to cum on my high heels or would you rather stick your puny cock in my pussy hole? I’ll tell you exactly what I want so that you have the slightest chance of making me happy! #dirtytalk #boss #highheels

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