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We just wanted to go for a coffee, but Nico really wanted to show me a few more corners of the English Garden, where this would probably lead…that was clear, but since I love the English Garden so much and I was more than just sympathetic to it , I wanted to give him hole. I’ve never seen the garden in Munich so empty, as if it was made for us, but it was still difficult to find an undisturbed corner everywhere, so the little bench came in handy. I’ve never been so nervous in my life, but The timing was good and I finally wanted to see what he had in his pants… my feeling didn’t deceive me. He took out his big, hard cock and the sight forced me straight to my knees and I started to blow. .I gave Nico my hole in all positions in public until people came and we had to get dressed in a flash. Out of shock, he sprayed on my latex ass. He was so bold and just kept filming as I ran through the park covered in cum

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