Imagine our first DATE and I want to belong only to YOU. YOU can decide everything!

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  • Datum: 16.06.2024
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In this video I show more, my bottom, and take a closer look, can you see more? I massage my breasts sensually while I kneel in front of you. On the date, you can decide everything! I have sexy outfits ready and various ideas for our first date. I start off very sexy and figure-hugging. We could go dancing in a club and I seduce you on the dance floor. My second outfit is tight, sexy leather leggings with a sexy blazer. You can take me out to an elegant meal and then go with me to a hotel room and undress me there. For the third outfit, I imagine something outdoors, where you seduce me at a romantic picnic with some white wine, in doggy style (guess why “doggy”). For the last outfit, I imagine us going out for ice cream and at the end I lick the ice cream off your penis while I kneel in front of you. Which scenario do you like best? Sex in the club, going out to eat and hotel rooms, outdoors and doggy style or eating ice cream and a nice blowjob? YOU can choose. Now I’m waiting for your comments, how should I be for you? Kisses, your Tessa. #teen #solo #hotass

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