Can this work well? Spontaneous user blind date

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  • Datum: 04.02.2024
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Some time ago I visited my best friend again. But since there was a big party and there was no room for me in the guest room, I had to rent something. The advantage of this: I was able to meet a user who I had already met on the cam and on Venus. He lived in the area and so we met at a parking lot and then went to my place together. I have to admit, I was really a bit excited, but we’ve always had such great chats so the meeting could only be good. It was even so hot that he was allowed to fuck without a condom even though it had actually been agreed otherwise, but I just couldn’t wait any longer. He then took me nice and naked in a variety of positions and I was allowed to swallow his hot cum. Which positions do you want to test with me? Feel free to write it to me in a comment and while you’re at it, I’d also be happy to receive a rating :*

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