!Attention hardcore! Naughty brat gets a lesson with the riding crop!

Those who refuse to follow rules shall feel the consequences! So far, I’ve gotten away with every laziness and every cheeky comment during the riding lessons. No wonder – my filthy rich daddy also puts a lot of money into the store. So I can just allow myself anything – I thought. Using the riding crop is a terribly boring topic, so I wasn’t paying attention. When this was noticed in class, Ms. Schuster sent me straight to the boss. This is already waiting for me. It’s already late and there’s no one left in the stud other than the two of us. So no one hears my scream when I experience a whole new kind of discipline… Fuck I ran out of it! Do you think I can handle more next time? Kisses your Iva #riding crop #riding boots #brat

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