21 centimeters for your 21st birthday?!? A bulging BIRTHDAY BAG!!?!

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  • Datum: 16.06.2024
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Hey my dear ^^ I turned 21 yesterday and have received loads of presents ^^ But the best present this year goes to the gentleman in the video ;PP I was supposed to pick him up in the middle of nowhere, I was wondering why. And there he was, with the birthday bag. When I stopped he said that it was a special present that he didn’t want to give to me in front of my parents, which was for the better ;)) Then the two of us sat in my car and I was supposed to guess what was in the bag. Even with hints I couldn’t figure it out, it was only when I put my hand in the bag ;)) And then I felt that it was exactly the right present. 21cm of pure cock and just for me to suck and ride ^^ I had so much fun riding but when my legs couldn’t take it anymore he fucked me doggy style outside my car until I came ^^ And because I was so good I got a huge load of birthday cream on my ass ;PP I hope you liked my birthday present as much as I did ;)) Maybe I’ll get something like that from you next year 😉 xD All the best and kisses :** Your Luna

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