My aunt is frigid, now he fucks ME!

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When I was with my swimsuit in the tub, I just love the feeling of wet swimsuits on my skin, my uncle came naked into the bathroom, he had to quickly go to the bathroom. Krass, I was fully shocked because he just stood with a stand in front of me. We're not related by blood, but nevertheless it was great! But I made it so cool to see the big cock, I just wanted him to suck. Immediately I had the beating in my greedy mouth and blew and jerked him as if there were no tomorrow. Then I wanted to be fucked and he pushed me his Großschwanz in my pussy. He pounded me in the corner tub from behind by the way. Then I made him equal even hotter, where I sat before him and rubbed my pussy. Then I rode the Fickprügel until he no longer could, and just wanted to jerk off. He jerked his cock while I fueled him with my dirty talk and splashed his sperm load on my bathing suit. That was a really horny cum shower. I rubbed the cum and swallowed course. My aunt must never find out, but you really have to be stupid to fuck you? Would you have me also just so fucked?