Mega-sperm-bomb burst in my mouth

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  • Datum: 17.12.2017
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Back in the middle of everyday life and yet only extremely wet between the thighs. The only thing I think about are again only thick fuck cocks! All I need now is a hard cock between my lips. A cock that shoots a lot of fuck sauce in my mouth. So I met with a user from here and asked him beforehand that he would not touch his cock for a week so I could get a good load. When I pull his pants down then the tail is also rock hard right up … I knew that I had no disappointments to expect here. With full dedication I suck him his plump glans. I realize that he wants to hold back to enjoy the fun even longer, but I continue to crack hard until he just can not help but cum … finally I can taste this juice again and enjoy. I love fresh sperm and even more rum sowauen.